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“Brilliant! My two daughters love this book.”

—Mary K. Nelson, Elkin, North Carolina


“I recommend this colorful book to mothers of toddlers. My young one says this is his favorite book. Now, he wants to have cake for breakfast.”

—Alice D. Person, Englewood, Colorado


“Simple and nice. This book allowed me to ask my baby girl to articulate what she wants.”

—Mitchell P. Medina, Tignall, Georgia

About the Book

If Kids Could Run The World

What if children ruled the world? Carrie Allen takes on children’s perspective to write this wonderful poetry book about what kids would do if they ran the world. A colorful book both parent and kids will enjoy!

Carrie M. Allen

About the Author

Carrie Allen is a licensed professional counselor, author, motivational speaker, and an entrepreneur. She is also a mother, a grandmother, and a loving wife.

Carrie lives in Fort Worth, Texas, with her husband and their two dogs. She loves to spend her free time with her family.

If Kids Could Run The World


“Breakfast would be cake, dinner would be pie!”
“There would be no need for money—kid stuff would be free.”
“Laughter would be the only rule; there would never be a tear.”

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